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The Party: Things to Remember

Parties are a time to celebrate with loved ones and enjoy the company of friends in a fun, festive atmosphere. Balloons, cake, music, dancing, favors, presents, decorations and a bunch of your friends and family! Who doesn't love a party? Whether your party is in honor of a retirement, the Christmas season, a birthday, a wedding, New Year's Eve, a baby shower, or simply because you love to throw parties, there are several party supply staples you'll need to think about.

Party Decorations & Supplies

It simply wouldn't be a party without some appropriate décor. Think about your theme, the reason for the party and the colors you or your guests may enjoy. Consider purchasing balloons in coordinating colors, streamers to match, and other accessories like napkins, plates, cups and cutlery. Once you've chosen your colors or the theme you're going with, it should be easy to decorate your party perfectly!

Party Favors

Every party guest loves to get a small token of appreciation for their attendance. Whether you're giving a pretty tin of homemade cookies to your bridal shower guests or a goodie bag full of toys and candy to kids at a birthday party, keep in mind that your party guests will never forget a thoughtful, fun party favor.

Party Themes

Think Western cowboy themes with cowboy hats, silver sheriff badges, and bales of hay or straw. Consider decorating in red, white and blue for a fourth of July party, or host a Hawaiian Luau replete with flower leis, tasty punch, and palm trees. In order to find a theme, consider your guests likes and dislikes. If you have a special guest of honor who adores pink, make it a pink-themed party with pink balloons, streamers, plates, cups and even food. Some people even request that their guests don a favorite color!

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