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Party Idea: Throwing The Perfect Dog Birthday Party

by: Hannah Chastain

Dogs have become more than just pets. To some of us, they have become our children. A great way to celebrate the love you have for your furry one is to throw your dog a birthday party. Many dogs attend dog parks for socialization and exercise, a great way to get them together is to invite your pooches friends to a party.

To prepare for your dog’s big day, you need to make sure that you can provide a safe area for the dogs to mingle. A backyard is the most popular spot, but many dog owners are starting to use their local dog park since it is a known safe area. A benefit of using a dog park is they have rules in place that each owner must follow. To avoid conflict, these rules can be mailed with the invitation, posted at the party, or handed out to the dog owners before the party begins. This will relieve any stress you have about inviting dogs, whose owners you do not know well.

A casual dog birthday party will allow the dogs to chase tennis balls, chew on rawhides, and simply mingle with their pooch friends. You can just call your friends up or send an

e-vite to meet at the dog park, or your backyard. At this type of birthday party it would be appropriate to supply tennis balls, or some type of toys to keep the doggie’s entertained. If hosting this party at your house water bowls and proper shade should also be available. (Dog parks are usually equipped with water and shade) For party favors, dogs are welcome to take home their tennis balls they have so lovingly slobbered over all day!

If you want to go all out and have a big bash for your dog’s birthday, the options are endless. Invitations, thank you notes, and party favors are just the beginning. If you are going to plan and spend a lot of money on this very special occasion, invitations should be sent out three weeks in advance. This gives people time set aside that date and RSVP, so you are able to properly plan for the right amount of pooches.

Decorations and party supplies do not need to be dog themed…if your little chuhuahua is a princess you may want to got pink and jewels. If your lab is a hearty boy, you may want to go fire hydrants and water. There is no end to your creativity; here are a few more party themes we thought were fun:

- Paw Prints
- Pirate Party
- Western Cowboy
- Floral with stripes

There should be a plan for games, food, and presents. There again are numerous games to play, but here are some of Cobi and Hannah’s favorites:

- Hide the Kong filled with treats and peanut butter…winner gets to keep the Kong.

- Obstacle Course: Set up cones, kiddy pools, tunnels, etc. Have owner guide dogs around course. The dog with the best time is the winner. Gourmet Treats would be a great prize!

- Stuffed Kong: Fill Kongs with three treats, the dog to empty their Kong first is the winner. The dog gets to keep the Kong as their prize!

- Bone Hunt: Fill a sand box, or area in your yard, with sand. Hide treats under the sand and have dogs dig for their treat. Have owners watch their dogs, and the dogs with the most bones wins. A Plush Bone would be a great prize!

- Clothesline Jump: Hang a clotheslines in your yard. String treats at different levels along the clothesline. The dog that can jump the highest for a treat is the winner! Gourmet Treats would be a great prize!

- Kong Hunt: Fill numerous Kongs with peanut butter and hide them in different parts of your yard. Send dogs on a Kong Hunt, the dog that sniffs out the most Kongs is the winner. Kong with peanut butter filling would be a great prize for this dog to take home.

Dogs love treats! Party favors should be handed out at the closing of the party, but while the pooches are still enjoying the party, treats should be available to snack on. A dog birthday cake or cupcakes would make the party dog feel special, as they should on this day.

Here are some fun party favor ideas:

- Bandanas
- Frisbees
- Gourmet Treats
- Collar Charms

Opening birthday presents should take place towards the end of the party when all the doggies are tired out from running around and playing games.

Make sure to thank all your doggie owners with a party favor, as well as the dogs themselves.

Remember to have fun and relax, if you are having a good time your dog will have a good time!

About The Author

Hannah Chastain loves dogs and works for, a company known for gourmet dog treats and dog gift baskets. For more information on Doggie Deliveries, visit

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